Class Room

Seat Capacity 100 nos
Stage N\A
Projector 01 nos
Sound System As per normal required 
Rent  Tk. 12000.00 (first 6 hrs)
  Tk. 3000.00 (Addl. per hrs)
ICMAB CLASS ROOM#201, 204,205, 304 & 305
Seat Capacity 84 nos
Stage N\A
Projector 01 nos
Sound System As per normal required 
Rent  Tk. 11000.00 (first 6 hrs)
  Tk. 2500.00 (Addl. per hrs)
Terms & Conditions 
1 The entire rental money must be deposited to ICMAB Bank Account before the event.
2 In case of ICMAB member there will be  25% discount on the specified rent.
3 In case of cancellation / change of the date of the scheduled event, it must be informed to the ICMAB Authorities at least 10 days prior the event.  If no application of cancellation found within 72 hours (3days) of the event, there will be no refund of rental money.  
4 A deposit of Tk. 15000.00 (fifteen thousand) in case of auditorium rent and Tk. 8000.00 (eight thousand) for class room rent must be deposited to Sub-Assistant Engineer, ICMAB as collateral, which is fully refundable.
5 If any furniture of the auditorium / classroom is damaged by the user, then the user will have to bear the cost of repairing.
6 No high-volume music is allowed in any classroom, auditorium or premises of ICMA building.
7 Use of Fireworks or explosion of any chemical items in ICMA premises is strictly prohibited. 
8 Authorized Events:
  A) Training programs, annual general meetings, seminars, conferences, cultural events (excluding band shows or concerts)
  B) Reception or discussion program.
9 Schedule for the event
  A) 9:00 am to 3:00 pm 
  B) 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm 
10 Special advantages with rental:
  AC: All the time.
  Power supply: all the time (standby generator).
  Security guard: All the time.
11 Customers can arrange/decorate the stage on their choice.
12 Gifts or valuable belongings of the event organizer shall be kept in their own custody. ICMAB authority will not be responsible for the loss.
13 The ICMAB authority reserves full right to cancel any event on or before 03 days advance notice upon special need.
ICMAB Rent Application Form Download
Please feel free to contact with:
Name:Md. Ashraful Islam
Designation: Assistant Engineer
Department: Administration Department
ICMAB, ICMA Bhaban, Nilkhet, Dhaka 1205
Cell: +88 01847 360606