Fees and Charges

First Time Admission Fees including Course Fee

The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh offers world class education and designation at the affordable price. The fee structure of ICMAB as effective from July-December 2021 session is given below. However, the fee structure is subject to change from time to time.

First Time Admission Fees (including Course Fee)

Entry Routes




Level of Entry

 Foundation Level

 Foundation Level


Admission Form Fees 500.00 500.00  
Admission Fees 12,000.00 12,000.00  
Registration Fees 5,000.00 5,000.00  
Annual Subscription 1,500.00 1,500.00  
Library Card Fess 300.00 300.00  
Identity Cards Fees 500.00 500.00  
Registration Form 500.00 500.00  
CMA Professional Program Handbook 500.00 500.00  
Students Welfare Fees 200.00 200.00  
Total Fee for Admission 21,000.00 21,000.00  
Course Fee (Foundation Level) 6,000.00 6,000.00  
Total For a First Time Entrant 27,000.00 27,000.00  
LMS (CMASPACE) Fees 1,500.00 1,500.00  
Total Fees including First Time Admission fees and LMS (CMASPACE) fees 28,500.00 28,500.00  

HSC or equivalent exams passed students, Graduate and Post graduate students will get admitted at Foundation Level as Entry Level in ICMAB under the New Curriculum 2021.

Course Fees for each Level

Foundation Level (FL) (included with first time Admission Fees)


Coaching & Correspondence

FR-111. Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (FFA) 1,500.00
TA-112. Business Quantitative Analysis (BQA) 1,500.00
EF-113. Business Economics and International Business (EIB) 1,500.00
MS-114. Fundamentals of Management & Business Communication (MBC) 1,500.00


LMS (CMASPACE) Fee 1,500.00

Intermediate Levels

Intermediate Level-I (IL-I)


Coaching & Correspondence

CM-121. Cost Accounting (COA) 2,000.00
FR-222. Intermediate Financial Accounting (IFA) 2,000.00

TA-223. Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)

(50 Marks)


MS-224. Marketing & Supply Chain Management (MSM)

(50 Marks)

LT-125. Corporate & Business Laws (CBL) 2,000.00
Total 8,000.00
LMS (CMASPACE) Fee 1,500.00

Intermediate Level-II (IL-II)


Coaching & Correspondence

CM-231. Management Accounting (MAC) 2,500.00
EF-232. Financial Management (FIM) 2,500.00
AA-133. Auditing (AUD) 2,500.00
LT-234. Fundamentals of Tax, VAT & Public Financial Management  (TPF) 2,500.00
Total 10,000.00
LMS(CMASPACE) Fee 1,500.00

Advanced Levels

Advanced Level-I (AL-I)


Coaching & Correspondence

CM-341. Strategic Cost and Management Accounting (SCM) 3,500.00
FR-342. Advanced Financial  Reporting (AFR) 3,500.00
EF-343. Corporate Finance Strategy & Financial  Market (FSM) 3,500.00
LT-344. Corporate Governance and Secretarial Practices (GSP) 3,500.00
  Total 14,000.00
LMS(CMASPACE) Fee 1,500.00

Advanced Level-II (AL-II)


Coaching & Correspondence

MS-351. Business Strategy (BST) 4,500.00
AA-252. Cost & Management Audit (CAT) 4,500.00
LT-453. Advanced Income Tax & VAT (ATV) 4,500.00
CS-154. Integrated Case Study (ICS) 4,500.00
Total 18,000.00
LMS(CMASPACE) Fee 1,500.00


Articleship Fee 3,000.00
Internship fee is Tk. 5,000 in existing new syllabus (2015)and existing old syllabus (2009)

Examination Fees

Levels Fees per subject
Foundation Level 500
Intermediate Level-I & II and Advanced Level-I & II 625

Exam Fine

Exam Fine per subject

(for not fulfilling the requirements of Class Attendance or Assignment)


Exemption Fees

Exemption Application Fees per subject 1,000.00

De-novo Fees (Re-registration fees, while validity of a student expired)

Particulars Fees
De-novo Fee 10,000.00
Registration Form 500.00
Total 10,500.00

Testimonial Fee

Testimonial Fee 1000.00
Testimonial to be issued to the student subject to clearance of all due Annual Subscriptions

Other Fees

Coaching Fee

(Applicable for the students of previous session to attend coaching classes in later session)



(per session)