Admission to any examinations of the institute shall be restricted to registered students, who shall be required to undergo such theoretical and practical training as the council may arrange or approve and pay such fees for the same as the council may determine.

The following regulations cover the eligibility requirements for sitting in an ICMAB examination:

Students who are enrolled under the coaching course programme in a particular session, are required to attend at least 75% lectures in the class and to pass 60% class test to the satisfaction of the teachers concerned. Class test programmes are provided to the students by their respective teachers.

Students who are enrolled under the Correspondence Course programme are required to submit all their assignments (100%) before filling up examination form and obtain 60% marks in each assignment.

Students having less than 75% attendance or submitting less than 100% assignment, may be allowed to sit the examination by paying the specific amount of fine as per regulation of the Institute.

        1.   A student will have to appear all subjects of a particular level at a time and single subject pass will be countable of the level at one sitting. Examination centres at present are at Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna and Comilla. Examination centres may also be organised in foreign countries at the request of the registered students, provided sufficient candidates apply to sit for the examination. The dates and centres of examinations are regulated and published by Council of the Institute.

      2.   The examination of five levels must be taken in correct sequence. However, a student may be allowed to appear at examination for two consecutive levels viz. Foundation Level and Professional Level-I or Professional Level-I & II and so on. No subject of Professional Level-II may be attempted until Foundation Level has been completed by way of successful examination  or exemption. No subject of Professional Level-IV may be attempted until Foundation Level, PL-I & PL-II have been completed by way of successful examination or exemption.